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An accommodation that makes you feel at home

Close to Paradise is the place where seniors feel at home. When it comes to a loved one, we make the care personal. Our focus is to ensure that every need is met according to each person’s necessity, with love and compassion. We do not make compromises, as we understand, through years of hands on experience, that not one person is the same, and not one single case is the same. We carefully take into consideration each person’s need, ability, choice, lifestyle and interests, and we implement a complete plan of care, based on the complete and individualized picture. Your loved one’s comfort is our number one priority. Our family friendly, home like environment and uplifting atmosphere is sure to make anyone who enters Close to Paradise feel valued and loved.

Personalized assistance

Close to Paradise is the atmosphere we strive to maintain when caring for your loved one. Because of the small caregiver to patient ratio, individual attention is given at all times. We maintain close supervision throughout the day, especially when it comes to memory care. Our certified, friendly and trained caregivers are always available and ready to provide hands on assistance with all levels of care. Our approach to hands on care focuses on quality. We carefully assess and address each need, without rushing, “just to get things done”. We take time to listen and work out the solution at the pace of each individual. At times, because of the arising physical challenges trough the aging process, the emotional side tends to be missed or overlooked. At Close to Paradise, we make companionship an important part of each day, as we take time to sit, talk, listen, and show compassion and kindness in all we do .

Understanding your needs

We answered our call, as we care from the heart, and settle for nothing less than the very best in all that we do. Understanding your loved one’s care need is key to ensuring best care is provided and most effective approach implemented, to maintain comfort, promote quality of life and keeping pain controlled. Through years of experience, we have created flexible, creative, and compassionate approaches to meet the unique needs of our patients. We specialize in Memory Care, Incontinence, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Skin Issues, and much more. We’ll walk with you until the end, meaning, you will never have to look for another care home due to declining health, or changes in level of care. As the decline in health progresses, we work with hospice closely in providing palliative and end of life care. Our focus in the end of life stage is to facilitate a plan of care for each patient, that will enhance the level of comfort and peace in every aspect and area of need.

No limit when it comes to services

When it comes to services, we specialize in going above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We offer 24/7 quality care, hands on assistance will all levels of care,especially when it comes to memory care. We also offer respite to long term care, private and semi private rooms, delicious home-cooked meals, nutritious snacks, complete medication management, friendly and knowledgeable staff, housekeeping and laundry services, transportation to and from appointments upon request and with family consent, available home health and hospice care services, flexible visiting hours, great Springfield location, and much more.

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet

Eating and Nutrition are two important factors when it comes to the aging process. We center our attention in meeting the daily nutritional need and fluid intake for each individual. We do our best to make the necessary accommodations when it comes to what types of foods each person is able to eat, based on swallowing difficulties, chewing ability, preference or health related issues. Whether the food needs to be served as is, cut in small pieces, blended, pureed or with the aid of thickner, we take our time to help each person eat and provide the necessary assistance.

Changes in the body with the aging process

With increasing age, changes occur in all areas of the body, and it is important to be aware and know what to expect. Some of the common changes that happen within the body as a result of age progression are in the following areas:

Cardiovascular system- the blood vessels and arteries stiffen, causing the heart to work harder, just to pump blood. As a result high blood pressure and other complications can emerge that can limit physical activity.

Bones, joints and muscles- bones become weakened and more susceptible to fracture. Muscles loose strength and flexibility, leading to poor coordination, stability and balance.

Digestive system -is affected by structural changes in the large intestines which leads to decreased nutrient absorbtion and constipation. Certain medications, lack of exercise and improper fluid intake are also factors contributing to constipation.

Bladder and urinary tract-bladder may become less elastic and bladder muscles become weakened with age, leading to urgency, incontinence and difficulty emptying bladder

Memory and thinking skills- the brain undergoes changes that will affect memory or thinking skills.

Eyes and ears-aging can affect glare sensitivity, dry eyes, difficulty focusing on objects, decreased clarity, macular degeneration due to age or genetics, cataracts, etc. Hearing loss, making it hard to carry conversation, leading to confusion, noncooperation, frustration and even depression.

Mouth-dry mouth as a result of medication or underlying contributing factors, missing teeth, sensitive gums, dentures, are important elements to consider when providing care for elderly

Skin-with age, skin becomes thinner and more fragile as the fatty tissue below the skin decreases, looses elasticity, drier, and as a result, will bruise easily. Wrinkles, age spots, and skin tags are common. Keeping skin moisturized is


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