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Proper accommodations and arrangements for people who can no longer live on their own

Close To Paradise is one of the many Independent Assisted Living in Springfield for seniors. For those who are not familiar with the term, Assisted Living Facilities in Springfield for seniors are a great transition option for the elderly who can no longer function independently, and need supervisory, as well as hands on care. At Close to Paradise, skilled and experienced staff are available to attend to the needs of the elderly. Your peace of mind and your loved one’s happiness is our priority. We go the extra step to address each need, which can include physical, medical, mental and emotional attention. Our trained helpers understand that great care involves looking at the complete picture and working together to bring the best results. Respect, kindness and compassion are an integral part of the care process. We aim to let these three principles reflect our goal in everything that we do on a daily basis.

Talking to your loved one about the options

Throughout the years of caring for elderly at Close to Paradise, we have seen that families begin the search process for the proper accommodations and arrangements for their loved ones, it is not uncommon to find that one of the most difficult and emotionally charged conversations they may have had, or plan on having with their elderly loved one is about their future care. From the perspective of the older person, most times it is having difficulty admitting and accepting the idea of needing more care. To the younger person on the other hand, it is the fear of the decline of their loved one, and at the same time, the feeling of abandoning them and not respecting their wishes when it comes to care options and preferences. The older person usually struggles with the idea of having to leave their home, personal belongings, familiar surroundings, and the life they have comfortably lived for so long, just to “start over” and move into a new, unfamiliar, completely different, facility type care setting. This picture can be freighting and intimidating. Because this discussion can be a difficult one, many people put it off for as long as they can. The sooner this conversation is initiated however, the better it is. Having these conversations with your loved one before you begin exploring the care options, or early in the caregiving process, can have a major impact on the quality of life and the overall experience of the journey process. The longer you wait to have these conversations, the less time there is going to be to work out all the important and necessary details involving pre-existing concerns, living arrangements, assistive devices, delegating tasks and exploring financial options. With this in mind, at Close to Paradise, we are always open to answer questions, listen and provide you with information that will help you address and find the most effective care options for your loved one.

Effective strategies when talking about care options

An important factor to keep in mind when talking about care with your loved one is to expect to have more than one conversation. Patience and persistence are key factors, as well as continuing to talk about the subject, building up on the idea, even if sometimes only small steps at a time. Another key factor is to be informed about the topic and care options, so that when the conversation comes up, you can effectively address each area and answer simple and basic questions for your loved one if needed. Having the proper information and knowledge about the care options and transitioning process, can help eliminate or minimize fear and anxiety. Being honest and explaining your intentions and concerns from the start will set a good stage for the conversation. Equally important when taking on the role of caregiver and having the conversation with your elderly loved one about care options, is to use empathy when addressing concerns and take time to listen. Empathy and listening to your loved one’s concerns or worries, will help you understand how they are feeling and will help you acknowledge their fears, worries, perspectives and perceptions, so that you can continue to maintain a good relationship and build trust when having these conversations.

A sense of independence and purpose

Aging does not and should not be defined as a loss of independence. Senior adults enjoy having independence, although the natural process of aging can cause living independently to be more difficult. Some of the factors that affect independence as adults age include, physical factors such as mobility, hearing and vision impairment, isolation and loneliness. Encouraging independence does not only enhance the sense of well being, but at the same time, it enhances the quality of life, social and physical skills. At Close to Paradise, we developed different ways to promote independence through means such as mobility (as tolerated), socialization, providing choices, making your loved one part of the decision and choice making process. We provide the freedom for each individual to maintain and pursue personal routines, preferences, habits, hobbies, skills, interests and so much more.

Aging in Place

Aging is a natural process that extends over a lifetime. Our loving environment offers the philosophy of “Aging in Place”, in order to allow comfort and continuity. As the aging process continues, health and mobility concerns become a priority for many families. The majority of seniors as a result, will eventually need assistance or help with activities of daily living. A few reasons why seniors want to age in place are to stay in the home like environment and to be close to family and friends. At Close to Paradise, we take pride in our home like environment of a care home setting. We treat your loved one like our own family, valuing each individual as if they were our own family member. Families and friends are always welcome to visit, socialize, engage in fun activities, take them out and so much more.


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